DC Rapper Wale might have another Calling

by amazingshoes

DC Rapper Wale is trying to make a impact with something other than rap who would of guessed the new rapper who recently released his debut album “Attention Deficit” would be talking about women. Wale who was asked to tell honey magazine the difference between “making love” and “Having Sex” gave this answer:

“The art of making love seems like a pastime, whereas [just having sex] has become this generation’s making-out,” he wrote. “I think men pursue it a bit more aggressively than women — after clubs, after school, etc. I personally enjoy the occasional quickie but never OD.

“Making love is, simply put, poetry in motion,” he continued. ” … Strawberries, champagne, a bubble bath, eye contact, hearing her heart beat while slowly handling business. Making love, in my opinion, is what makes the world go ’round. The toughest dude, the most coldhearted gold-digger, they all have that thing.”

The quote has received rave reviews and is making Wale feel like he has even more of an impact than just Rap. To see the video of Wale’s talking about his new impact click here.